Versed In Disappointment

by Locria

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released March 27, 2015

Written and engineered by Locria
Album art by Laura Matthew
Thanks to Zack Shaw, Adam Marengo, Patrick Yeo



all rights reserved


Locria Dudley, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Small Intentioned Boy At Rest
Gathering all the waves
To send forth galloping
You dont know what this means to me
Ive heard them say you cant hold on to what is not there
Im manifesting emptiness
They held me down
And said i couldnt speak my part
But everything is different now
Were letting loose the flood gates
And spilling forth the tears for years been held inside

Bodies held by fraying rope
Working to the grave
So we wont have to shield our eyes from the glow.

Huddled over sheets of paper
Trying to piece it all back together now
When its fallen apart
Based on what ive seen thus far
Im not sure what to hope for

Breaking loose from the chains that held us back for all these years
Buzzed into our heads by static droning feeds
Living in a world where nothings right and no one cares
Apathy is instinct in the sea that we all fare.


My ears against the wall
Im listening to whisperings of pure hypocrisy
And through all of this im questioning my sanity
Cause ive been feeling delusions
Fingers prying at the cracks in my four walls.

Illusions of safety is a lie
Theres no net to catch us if we fall
Were on our own.
And we could just carry on with our lives pretending it was something that wed never known.
But we know.

We know weve been lied to, not sure by who
When we find out were gonna have a face to put to the taste
Of the rotten sour air of this place.
A place we were once proud to call our home.

We could just watch it all burn down
Theres alot weve yet to learn.
And the story goes that we would raise again.
Track Name: In Consistency
I keep shards of my shattered heart
In a mason jar, in a drawer beside my bed
For the life of me i just wanna see life expectancy
But for whatever reason feel like im weakening
Just so on the edge with all of this.

Sitting on the waters edge
Waiting for something to come to me
Im not sure yet how ill get to move myself.

Row away, start today
No one to tell you now that you cant.
Follow signs to distant lands.

But you cant find the will this time
And now weve cut all the safety lines
Were drifting out to rougher waters
Im losing all my stability
Fearing we may be capsized
I left my legs at home today
I didnt wanna come out to play
Didnt wanna,but i did anyway.
Track Name: What's Left
Worn sneakers kicking through the overgrow
You say were falling apart but we still feel so close
The bottom of my gut i feel it turning around
And i could almost steal the words just right out of your mouth
Cause i was over your shoulder when you were writing the script
The world we dreamt of together fell to pieces and bits.

Dirty blade, open wounds
Hate myself but i still love you
You want to erase me from your life
Im not on your mind and sure as hell not in your sight
If its what you need, i need to let you breathe
Youre looking for your chance; this is it
Its something simple yet complex
The way you dropped me on my head
But i cant stand to hold you back
I quit.

Id rather bury my head and hide my face in disgust
Than sit alone in my room constantly thinking of us.

Love sick, im bleeding over whats left
Oh shit, i feel my heart beating out of my chest
I still recall the simple things that you said
I did.